Steve’s Story

Hi Mark,

I’ve just got to tell someone and it might as well be you first, as this is partially a hearty congratulation on building such a sterling amp…my new used Victorilux is a dream. Unbelievable. It reminds me of the 65 Supers I owned back in the day, but I swear it sounds better, if 40 year old memories can be trusted!

By the time I got to see the amp I was dry-mouthed in anticipation, I’d been chasing it for 2 weeks. After a nervous series of email back and forth (worried he would change his mind about selling), I finally nailed the guy down to a meeting time last night, took one look at the amp and bought it immediately. What a lovely piece of equipment! I had wondered about the speaker configuration being stock, but it’s now apparent that the photos he posted were taken with a wide angle lens that made the 2×12 cab appear taller than it really is. In fact it’s quite a normal height for a diagonal 2×12 and is a perfect fit in the road case I have for my Kendrick.

To think that the guy I bought it from sold it to me in order to capitalize a Mesa MK5! Yikes…and he’s almost my age (62) as well. Guess there’s no accounting for taste in tone.

He’s a mile up in the air over this MK5 his guitar teacher owns, so I didn’t remind him that the more bells and whistles, the greater the chance they become detached at the wrong moment…it happened to me at a gig once and that was the end of me and Mesa when the Boogie went into a total, unrepairable burnout mid-gig.

I have been through Boogies (Dual Rec, Studio Cal, 2 Nomads and a Subway RR) and won’t ever go back..anyway no complaints, the seller’s loss is my gain, and he was happy with the cash to put toward a MK5 while I am ecstatic and beyond.

I’m just thrilled with the Vlux and can’t say enough to my music buddies about real amps and real tone…

I also have a Kendrick Blues amp and have to say your lead dress is much nicer than Gerald’s! No flies on his amp at all, but the Victorilux is all I could wish for and more…just wonderful. And that brown tolex…how tasty. Cheers and congratulations again. Your amps are the bomb, dude…


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