Paul’s Story

Dear Mark,

Thank you for taking the time from your schedule to answer my questions last week regarding Victoria Amplifiers.  Following my recent purchase of a 35310-T, I felt compelled to share the experience.

For my background, I’m 45 years old and have been playing guitar since age 10.  I’m no virtuoso, but I have been a “weekend warrior” since about age 13.  I have a true love for the instrument and the equipment that accompanies this serious hobby. I’ve owned several vintage Fenders and many Boogies and a wonderful old Supro. My main amplifier up to this point was a great old Twin Reverb loaded with Weber Alnico Chicago’s. The trouble is that this amp just got to be a bit much for most of the clubs I play in.

Prior to my quest for a new amp, I talked to many people in the industry to focus my interest in what was out there, what sounded great, and what was the best value. Most of my guitar playing friends advised me to go the “Class A boutique” route such as BadCat, Dr. Z, Vox AC-30 and the like. I tried them all, I found the Dr.Z to be the best value with a sound comparable to the rest, but I also love the tweed Fenders. I had enough money saved to afford just about any amp short of a Dumble, so I decided to approach this with an open mind and let my ears be the judge.

I used my A/B box, an old tube screamer, and a Fulltone FD2 and gave several amps a workout (for almost 2 hours). I tried the Dr.Z Max 38 Senior which came strongly recommended by a buddy of mine, and it sounded good in it’s own right. But when I A/B’d it with the 35310-T with the Alnico Jensen’s, the sonic bouquet of tone and harmonic’s that came from that amp was nothing short of amazing. The most incredible part was that the Dr.Z’s reverb was engaged (set at about 3) and I got a more jangly clean transparent reverby sound from the pine cabinet of the Victoria….amazing.

The lows were fatter and richer, the highs are more harmonically pleasing to the ear and when humbuckers were used and the treble was turned past 6, there was a real plexi-Marshall vibe. Having owned many nice new and vintage amps in my life, I feel fortunate and even humbled to be able to purchase an instrument of this quality.  I truly let my ears be the judge.  From the finger-jointed cabinet to the beautiful tweed finish to the point-to-point wiring which is nothing short of a work of art, this amp will never leave my side.  Thank you.



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