Bob’s Story

Hello, my name is Bob Margolin, and I am an electric Blues guitar player.

I’ve won the Blues Music Award for guitar twice, including currently in 2008. In the ’70s, I played guitar in Muddy Waters’ band. Tone is a large part of my life. I was intrigued to hear about the Victoria Regal amplifier because I know that there is musical magic in single-ended amplification. I was further impressed that the Regal can use one or two power tubes, even mixed-or-matched, to further hone tone. And most of all, I’ve been using Victoria amplifiers since the company started and I owe them a share of the compliments I’ve gotten on my tone since 1994.

In 2006, I borrowed a Regal to record six songs on Koko Taylor’s latest album, Old School. I knew that after the session, I would have to use the money I made to buy the Regal that I played. It is loud enough for medium-volume pro stage performance or quickly adapted to low-volume maximum-tone studio work. The Regal II is even more versatile for usable stage volume. After two years of using a Regal on hundreds of gigs and dozens of recorded songs, I am the Victoria Regal’s bitch. Well, actually there’s a lot of romance in it too.

Try your familiar favorite guitar through a Regal and the first note you play will tell you it sounds better than you ever thought it could. Each note is sweet and clear. You’ll hear more difference between your pickups than you thought was there. If you crank it for some distortion, it will sing or growl or crunch, depending on your technique and ability to express yourself. I joke that the Regal ‘fixes my mistakes’ – sometimes I know I flubbed a note, but it comes out of the Regal sounding right anyway. I think this is more than single-ended sweetness and power tube compression, though I can’t explain it technically. But I know I sound better on this amp than I ever have, and hearing the tone inspires me to play better. The built-in reverb and tremolo in this simple, dependable circuit sound ‘regal’ as well. I have not had to replace tubes yet. Sell your pedals, just pack a good cable.

I fly in to a lot of festivals where backline is provided, usually Fender’s fine vintage-style small- and medium-size amps. When I come home to my Regal, I find a voice I didn’t know I was missing before. Now, I know where home is. We’ll live happily ever after.



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